New youth workers often burn out after a few years if they don’t get support.

And another 100 questions you're probably asking.

We get it. We've been there. There's hope. Keep reading!

DYM’s First Few Years Track is Your Answer to Burn Out

The Blueprint You Need To Develop A Healthy Ministry

A trench-tested, step-by-step guide to develop the ministry you hope for.

Resources You Need To Succeed

Webinars, Podcasts, Video Training, Conferences, Coaching and More!

Coaching to Get You Past Roadblocks

We all get stuck sometimes. Our experienced coaches are current and veteran youth workers who have been in your shoes and are ready to help.

The First Few Years Track Will Include

A 24-36 month blueprint for developing a healthy youth ministry

Monthly webinars with DYM Team

Video training modules

Weekly exclusive podcasts supporting, explaining and expanding on the blueprint

Quarterly coaching calls

Access to exclusive First Few Years events and resources

Topics We’ll Cover

  • Volunteers

  • Working with parents

  • Programming

  • Student leadership

  • Leading older people

  • Speaking/teaching

  • Managing conflict

  • Navigating church politics and change

  • Time and life management

  • Evangelism

  • Small Groups

  • Crisis management

  • Relational ministry

  • Counseling

  • Budgeting

  • Planning

  • Discipleship

  • Carpet stain removal

  • And more!

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Made With Love By Youth Ministry Veterans

As well as 20+ youth ministry veterans and authors to create content specifically for you!

Doug Fields

Doug Fields literally wrote the book Your First Two Years in Youth Ministry… as well as Speaking To Teenagers, Purpose Driven Youth Ministry, and 50 other youth and family books. He serves as the youth pastor at Mariners Church in So. CA.

Jessica Sanchez

Jessica Sanchez has been in youth ministry since 2003 in various paid and volunteer roles and is currently a high school small group leader at Saddleback Church. She is also the Director of Content at Download Youth Ministry.

Josh Griffin

Josh Griffin is a 25+ year youth ministry veteran who has served at small and big churches and is currently the junior high pastor at Mariners Church. He’s the co-founder of and everyone’s best friend.

I was lost as a new Youth Pastor.
Doug Fields, and later DYM as a whole, was the exact guide I needed to help me avoid burnout and create a framework for a healthy ministry early in my career.

Anthony TaylorYouth Pastor, 
Chicago, IL

20,000+ Youth workers trusted DYM to support their ministry last year.

We’re here for you and the students you serve.

You Want a Healthy Ministry? We Can Help!


Join us for helpful, practical training, access to personalized coaching, inspiration, idea-sharing, laughter, smaller learning options, people who get you and do what you do… and so much more! It’s an all-access three-day experience in Southern California.


Years of youth ministry experience to learn from!

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Need more details? We got you.

What’s included? 

You’ll get access to the best practices and ideas around topics that you’re dealing with all the time such as volunteers, working with parents, programming, student leadership, speaking/teaching, managing conflict, navigating church politics and change, time and life management, planning, discipleship, and other relevant and vital topics.  You will only learn the principles, but interact with veteran leaders/coaches and ask your specific questions, and can do all of this at your pace… in a way that best fits your learning style.


What qualifies as “First Few Years”?

We’d rather YOU decide that than us dictate it. Only you know whether you need the help that we’ll be offering. You might be a 15-year veteran that never learned the foundational principles of health and you want a fresh start–if that’s you… join us. If you know you’re kind of a newbie or rookie–you’re who we’re targeting. If someone sent you this link it’s simply because they believe in you and want you to do GREAT ministry for a LONG time. And that starts in your first few years. Welcome!

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